Mathematical Modelling for Star Formation - 8 Weeks

4 weeks of Astrophysics micro-course and 4 weeks of Project

Project Orientation is on 17th October

Registration Deadline - 20th October

Instructor: Sagar JC and Sukhjit Singh              Language: English

About the course

In the astrophysics microcourse, we introduce you to various concepts of astrophysics such as stellar evolution, the fate of stars, and the HR diagram. Study the properties of a star, Hydrostatic Equilibrium, variation of pressure, temperature, and mass of a star as a function of the radial vector. Luminosity and magnitude calculations. Learn the methods of distance measurement like parallax, and distance-magnitude and get to know the cosmic distance ladder. Study the techniques such as spectroscopy, Radio Astronomy, photometry, etc.

The astrophysics course will be followed by a 4-week project with an experienced Mentor.  The aim of this project is to introduce Mathematical Modeling, Astrophysics of Star formation, how to mathematically model and analyze a star formation body, and compare the theoretical results with the actual data. We perform techniques such as stationary point analysis, eigenvector analysis, etc. to study the star-forming body through some reasonable assumptions and obtain the results. Toward the end, we will show how the data obtained through the equations match with the current data.


Phase 1

Astrophysics of Star Formation and Stellar Evolution, HR diagram, Types of stars, etc.


Phase 2

Hydrostatic Equilibrium and Properties of Star. Pressure, Mass and Temperature Profile. Luminosity of stars


Phase 3

Observational Techniques, Mathematical Modelling - Tackling the problem statement, literature survey, Report Writing


Sagar J C

Pursuing 2nd-year M.Sc. in Physics at NITK Karnataka, Surathkal

Sukhjit Singh

Pursuing M.Sc. Mathematics, Delhi University

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