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Weekly outline

  • Abstract

    Quantum mechanics is one of the strangest topics known to the physics world. Did you know that the quantum realm has its own rules that seem entirely alien to macroscopic beings like us? The behavior of particles becomes less deterministic and more probabilistic as their size and mass reduce. Why is that !?!? Moreover, when we observe a physical quantity of a particle it completely loses its quantum wave nature which is called the observer effect. If you do try to find its position, you need to compromise on knowing its momentum precisely! You can know the spin of a particle in only one particular direction and not in more than one direction simultaneously !!! Let alone, even an attempt to measure the physical quantities of a particle distorts its information! Spooky right? Why are these strange properties present? What is the fundamental reason for such uncertainties in the quantum realm? How can a particle cross a barrier greater than its total energy? Does quantum entanglement really violate one of the fundamental principles of nothing can go more than the speed of light? These are some of the very few yet strange concepts in quantum mechanics. We know your mind is full of questions right now !! Join our tribe, to immerse yourself into one of the most mysterious fields of science, where we explore the fundamentals of quantum mechanics like quantum entanglement, superposition, tunneling, etc., and explore the quantum realm in depth.

  • Week 1 - 20/10/21 - 26/10/21

    The transition from classical mechanics to quantum mechanics 

    ● Black body radiation 

    ● Photoelectric effect 

    ● Compton effect 

    ● Matter-wave 

    ● Davisson - Germer’s experiment 

    ● GP Thomson’s Experiment

    (there are no study materials as these are easy concepts and the tribe had just discussion on these topics)

    • Week 2 and 3 - 27/10/21 to 14/11/21

      Mathematical Basic for Quantum Mechanics - Part 1 

      ● Vector Spaces, Hilbert Spaces, Inner products, and its significance, Dirac Notation 

      ● Matrices and Operators, Linear Operators, and Commutator Brackets 

      ● Hermitian Conjugate of Operator and vectors 

      ● Types of Operators, mainly Hermitian Operators and Unitary operators. 

      ● Eigenvalue problem and Various Theorems. 

      ● Generalized uncertainty principle.

    • Week 4 and 5 - 15/11/21 to 27/11/21

      Mathematical Basic for Quantum Mechanics - Part 2 - Wave Mechanics 

      ● Function Spaces and Analogous operations in Function Space 

      ● Wave function and its characteristics and Conditions, Born’s Interpretation. 

      ● Normalization of the Wave function and its time invariance. 

      ● Hamiltonian Mechanics (classical) 

      ● Time Evolution of a system and Schrodinger Equation, Hamiltonian as the Generator of Time evolution 

      ● Translation of a system and Momentum as the generator of Translation 

      ● Rotation of a System and Angular momentum as the Generator or Rotation 

      ● The uncertainty principle, various uncertainties, Uncertainty as a result of the Fourier transform of the wave function, Physical interpretations of the uncertainty principle. 

      ● Postulates of Quantum Mechanics.

      • This week

        Week 6 and 7 - 28/11/21 to 11/12/21

        Application of quantum mechanics in basic systems 

        ● Stationary states and properties of a wave function arising through Time independent Schrodinger equation, and Theorems. 

        ● Infinite potential well 

        ● Quantum Harmonic oscillator, Ladder operators, and their algebra. 

        ● Understanding Hydrogen atoms. 

        ● Formulating spin and Angular momentum through operators and Lie Algebra, Stern-Gerlach experiment.

        • Week 8 - 12/11/21 to 18/11/21

          Quantum Tunnelling and Quantum Superposition

          • Week 9 - 19/12/21 to 25/12/21

            Quantum Entanglement